Can herbs cure acute renal failure? Is there any treatment for acute renal failure in herbal medicine?

The . The short answer here is no. There are many herbal remedies and treatments which have been shown to cause acute renal failure but none that reverse it. Be sure to distinguish acute (rapid in onset and usually with a known cause and therefore sometimes reversible though may require temporary dialysis) from chronic (kidneys damaged beyond repair leading to permanent dialysis). Acute renal failure has many causes; dehydration, trauma, medications, drugs, toxins, infection, and obstruction are some of the more common. Particularly when renal failure is due to toxins, medications, or dehydration, conservative therapy (time, hydration, avoiding nephrotoxins) is the best treatment. There is no quality data to support any herbal therapies for acute renal failure. There is also poor regulation over ingredients and effects of herbal therapies and many are nephrotoxic. Work closely with your doctor to stay hydrated and modify your diet if you are looking for more natural approaches.