What are 3d ultrasounds? What is the kind of ultrasound that creates 3d looking pictures? Is it an issue of level 2 ultrasound vs. Something else?

2D vs 3D. 3d ultrasound is a software upgrade to newer ultrasound machines. The software allows the ultrasound machine to create beautiful images. These additional images rarely improve the diagnostic accuracy if the ultrasound exam. A level 2 obstetrical ultrasound does not typically include 3d images.
In . In order to generate 3d pictures of your baby you will need to have your ultrasound preformed using an ultrasound machine that is capable of 3d imaging. This requires a special ultrasound probe and the appropriate software from the manufacturer. Many, but not all, ultrasound departments have this technology and you should call before making your appointment if you want to check. Many offices offer 3d imaging without additional charge. A level 2 ultrasound refers to a more detailed ultrasound examination that is typically only performed if there is concern for a fetal abnormality. These can incorporate 3d imaging but not always. The charge for a level 2 ultrasound is also usually higher. When you go to your appointment you need to alert the staff that you want 3d images because they may only have one machine with that capability.