Ultrasound vs mammograms? What are the differences between an ultrasound and mammogram? I had an ultrasound done and the tech thought he found a lump, but he said he needed to investigate it more, so he wanted to schedule another ultrasound. Shouldn't I

X-ray vs sound waves. If you have a lump that can be felt, it's likely the radiologist will want an ultrasound as well as mammogram. Mammogram uses x-rays to see calcifications that might indicate a breast cancer, while ultrasound uses sound waves to see different characteristics of breast tissue such as blood flow, size and shape of a lump and whether it's solid or cystic. Ultrasound is also used to guide biopsy.
Do a mammogram. . If you had an abnormal ultrasound, i'd suggest a mammogram next. Ultrsounds image with sound waves, mammos with xrays. They show different things. The ultimate diagnosis of a breast lump is a biopsy.
A . A mammogram is essentially an x-ray image of the breast. Ultrasound uses sound waves to generate an image of the area being imaged. Mammography is usually the first test used to evaluate a lump in a breast. However, the breasts of women less than 30 years of age are often so dense that mammograms are difficult to evaluate and breast ultrasound is usually the first step because it offers a better view of the lump and does not expose the patient to x-ray radiation. If the radiologist is not suspicious of cancer based on the ultrasound, he may schedule you for a follow-up ultrasound in 6-12 months to confirm that the lesion is not enlarging. If you were scheduled for an immediate return appointment it may be for an ultrasound guided biopsy or possibly so that you can be imaged by a radiologist who specializes in breast imaging. If you are younger than thirty the radiologist is probably trying to avoid exposing your breast tissue to radiation unnecessarily by using ultrasound instead. Otherwise, a diagnostic mammogram is usually the best next step.
Complete the workup. Given your age, if you have not yet had a mammogram, please do so. What led to the original ultrasound? Was it an abnormal exam? Please see your doctor and get a complete breast evaluation. Depending on the mammogram results (and make sure the mammography has your ultrasound images!), further workup may be necessary.