How are mris for children different? Is there any difference between an MRI for adults and an MRI for children? If not technically, is there anything they do at chlidren's hospitals to make it less scary for kids?

Kids mris. Radiation exposure doses are different for children. Since children hospitals handle children the technicians and nurses are specially trained to calm frightened children.Doctors too may be helpful. They also know how to calibrate children exposure doses.
There . There are no technical differences in the equipment used for MRI in adults and children. The MRI scanner is an enclosed space and makes loud banging noises, which may be scary for children (and even some adults!). However, the technologists, nurses, and doctors working at children's hospitals are well-trained for handling these procedures and making the experience less scary for kids. There may be friendly pictures inside of the scanner for the child to look at, and possibly even mri-compatible toys or stuffed animals nearby. Headphones with music are often worn to help block the noise. Since a high quality MRI scan requires the patient lying still for a long period of time, medications for sedation are often necessary, especially for infants or very young children.