What to do with conflicting CT scan results? I had a mammogram and a CT scan done. The CT scan showed a lump in my breast but the mammogram didn't show anything. What is done in situations like these? Should another test be done other than CT or mamogra

Dedicated . Dedicated ct imaging of the breast is essentially only performed in a few research facilities, so i will assume that something was found in your breast incidentally during a ct of your chest. First, make sure that the radiologist performing the mammogram had the ct scan for comparison. If you feel the lump that was seen on ct, then you should probably have an ultrasound performed in the area for further evaluation. If you do not feel the lump and the radiologist compared the mammogram with the ct and was not concerned, then the ct finding was probably incidental and no further evaluation would be indicated. However, if you are still concerned you could have a follow-up mammogram in six months to ease your concern.
Its not conflicting . Ct can show lump in the breast that simply represent normal breast parenchyma. If it was a diagnostic mammogram evaluating the specific area of concern on ct and normal breast parenchyma was seen nothing else needs to be done. If you are still concerned or if you feel a lump, you can get an ultrasound exam for further evaluation. Otherwise you should continue with annual screening mammograms .