What is the cost of a CT scan? Does anyone know around how much a CT scan costs?

Depends on body part. Costs are different depending on the complexity of the scan. A ct of the brain without contrast is probably the least expensive, while ct scans with and without contrast of the chest, abdomen, and pelvis will be significantly more. Prices vary from one geographic area to another. Not like shopping for a car. It is important to chose a imaging center with a good reputation.
You'll have to ask. The "price" of a scan will vary by location (your city), the hospital you are going to (or outpatient office), your health insurance, lots of things. The best thing to do is to call the place that you might be getting a scan at and ask them.
Prices. Prices for the various procedures and tests performance in the medical field are often a complete mystery until the patient receives the bill. Prices can vary by 1000's of dollars depending on the type of insurance the patient has. The price also varies greatly depending on what region is being imaged and whether or not intravenous contrast was administered. These are some prices based on cash pay: - ct head without contrast $600 +/- $300 - ct abdomen and pelvis with contrast $1500 +/- $700 - ct chest without contrast $900 +/- $400 I highly recommend calling around and comparing prices. It also may be helpful to have your doctor make a call to see if the imaging center will cut you a better deal (they want their referring physicians to be happy with them... So that they will refer them more business).