3d ultrasound any different? I'm expecting, and have had reg ultrasound before. Now I hear i'll get to do 3d ultrasound. Sounds exciting, but is the process the same? Any more intrusive or painful?

Don't Worry! 3d ultrasound is just a technological advance of regular real time ultrasound. The operator will scan through a volume of tissue and onboard computers in the ultrasound machine render a 3d image. 4d ultrasound will do this in real time. No more intrusive. No pain! enjoy.
The . The process of obtaining a 3-d ultrasound is essentially the same as a standard ultrasound. The only difference is that a specialized probe is used to image over the abdomen. It is no more intrusive than a standard ultrasound. You will usually feel some pressure as the ultrasound technologist slides the transducer over the abdomen, but there should be no pain involved during either ultrasound procedure. The specialized 3-d probe images the baby in essentially the same manner as a standard two-dimensional ultrasound, but images are then reprocessed using the computer software to generate a three-dimensional image. 4-d ultrasound is essentially a 3-d movie; i.e. It demonstrates 3-d structures in motion.