What are the symptoms of add? Does add (compared to adhd) mean my daughter is more of lack-of-focus dreamer than a hyper kid who can't settle down?

ADD. Add symptoms the following is a comprehensive list of add symptoms (also known as inattentive adhd): failure to attend to details, written or spoken tendency to make careless mistakes when accomplishing tasks difficulty focusing or sustaining attention during work, school or even play drawn irresistibly to irrelevant or extraneous sensory input struggles with “follow through” on chores, homework, .
ADD is ADHD. Technically, there is no diagnosis called add. We have adhd and adhd, inattentive type. The latter applies more often to girls, who often went undiagnosed because they weren't behavioral problems the way their male classmates were. The central problem with adhd isn't the inability to attend. Rather, it's the inability to recruit attention for tasks that might not be interesting enough.
ADD vs ADHD. Attention deficit disorder is differentiated from attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder by the hyperactivity component. Some children and adults have trouble focusing, but are not necessarily hyperactive.