What kind of work is appropriate for an individual with cardiomyopathy? What kind of work is least dangerous for individual with cardiomyopathy, and how to keep it under control?

Depends. Work which does not involve significant physical exertion is best. Each person's disease is a little different, so it is a good idea to discuss work options with your cardiologist.
It. It depends. As cardiomyopathies advance, exertional capacity declines and can progress to the point that simple household tasks are difficult. It is generally safe to work as hard as you can tolerate without causing excessive fatigue, shortness of breath, or other symptoms. Many cardiomyopathies are also associated with dangerous arrhythmias, and so activities that excessively raise the heart rate should be avoided. In general, people with cardiomyopathy tend to do best with sedentary jobs and should avoid strenuous work. Of course, a cardiologist should clear you for whatever work you desire.