What is cardiac arrhythmia? Is cardiac arrhythmia partly caused by water intoxication?

Water . Water intoxication is uncommon, but is a potential cause for dangerous and even fatal arrhythmias. It is very difficult to consume such high quantities of water that it becomes dangerous. Massively excessive water intake results in dilution of the blood's critical electrolytes. This can result in instability of the heart's electrical system, resulting in arrhythmia. Such cases have been reported in marathoners and other athletes who excessively hydrate during competition.

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Can you please explain cardiac arrhythmia and how can water intoxication cause it?

Arrhythmia. Is an abnormality of heart rhythm. It can be caused by many things structural, chemical, mechanical, electrolyte imbalance, anemia, coronary disease, water intoxication could cause it through electrolyte malfunction. Read more...