Running and jogging bad for angina? Is high intensity running or jogging bad for a person with angina? I'm talking about really pushing yourself to the limit.

Bad. If you really do have angina (documented arteriosclerotic heart disease), exercise is good but "pushing it to the limit" is dangerous. When you reach your anginal threshold, your balance between myocardial oxygen supply and demand is marginal and if you exceed it, permanent damage and dangerous arrhythmias will result.
Yes, . Yes, high intensity aerobic exercise should be avoided. But, moderate aerobic activity is beneficial. This is because high intensity exercise increases your risk of having a heart attack during the activity. I would strongly advise against pushing yourself to your limit. Developing a safe, moderate-intensity aerobic exercise plan is an important part of maintaining your health and preventing worsening heart disease. You should aim for activity that produces a sweat, but allows you to easily maintain a conversation throughout. Typically this is no more than 60% of your maximum predicted heart rate. Your maximum predicted heart rate can be estimated by subtracting your age from the number 220 (e.g. A 55 year-old man would have maximum predicted heart rate of 220 - 55 = 165 beats per minute). A cardiac rehabilitation center could help you develop your exercise plan. You can be referred by your cardiologist. Of course, if you develop angina with exercise, be sure to stop immediately and rest.