What is the relationship between atherosclerosis and high blood pressure? Is there a relationship between atherosclerosis and high blood pressure?

Absolutely! . Absolutely! High blood pressure (hypertension) is one of the single most important modifiable risk factors for atherosclerosis. When the blood vessels are exposed to high blood pressure over time, they become damaged which promotes the formation of cholesterol plaque. And as the plaque forms throughout the body's vasculature, if the blood pressure is not controlled then the plaque remains unstable and at risk for rupture which can cause stroke or heart attack.

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I have high blood pressure. Is there any way I can treat this at home? If so how?

Yes by taking. Medications Rx ed by your doctor, if you follow your doctors advise it is easy to control, untreated ' blood pressure ' will lead to several complications like stroke, heart attack etc So do not not ignore it.
Depends. It depends on how high your pressure is and what else is going on. Certainly, weight control, low sodium diet, exercise, and whole foods will get you off to a good start. There are other things as well that may help depending on your situation. Get in to see you physician to discuss your options. Take care.
Decrease. Your salt intake. That will help you the most. You can even substitute KCL salt for the usual NaCl salt we use. This will help as well if salt is a necessity in your diet. Hope that helps.
Yes but. . . Work closely w/your family doc. Check your blood pressure at home then bring in both record & cuff for calibration. Know your numbers. If you smoke, quit. If you don't exercise, start. Change eating habits to (low salt) DASH diet which has been proven to help lower BP. If this isn't enough, then discuss drug options w/your doc to reduce risk of stroke, heart failure & kidney failure from high BP.
Yes. Diet, Exercise, Wt loss, Salt restriction, avoiding alcohol, Nicotine, other legal/illegal stimulants. Yoga, meditation, any form of relaxation, reducing conflict /stress. Paying definite attention to sleep.

I have a high blood pressure is there a way to decrease it? I don't want to take the drug

Extreme weight loss. And complete reduction in salt intake could probably lower your blood pressure unless it is extremely high. It will be a lot more comfortable, convenient and effective to take the medications.

If at all I feel no symptoms of high blood pressure, is there still a problem?

Yes. The high blood pressure will cause a lot of life threaten problems sooner or later. Take from me I did suffer from that my self. Good luck.

Sottopelle, high blood pressure, is there a link?

Sottopelle & Hi BP. This is real snake oil as I cannot find a single publication in PUBMED that relates to it. As it allegedly contains hormones that cause HTN in some I would suspect that it does. Much like BCPs. In you the only way to tell if it is affecting your BP is to stop it and see what happens. With BCP BP may take 3 months to return to normal. I specialize in BP and happy to do a second opinion.

I do not want to be dependent on medication for high blood pressure, is there any alternatives?

Treat high BP. Hypertension can be treated without medication. Regular cardiovascular exercise, at least five days per week. DASH diet - salt < 2000mg daily, fiber (> 35 grams daily for women and > 50 grams daily for men), lean protein sources and complex carbohydrates. Stress reduction - meditation and such. Sleep 6-9 hours nightly. Don't smoke cigarettes - ever.
It's your choice. Forgive my frankness. Hypertension is mostly genetic. If a low salt diet (helpful) and exercise (marginally useful for this) do not control your blood pressure, and you still refuse scientific appropriate meds, your "natural healing" preference will cost you your mind first, and then your life. Get the facts and make the right choice.
Don't be foolish. If lifestyle changes, weight loss, & other nonpharmacological measures don't lower your BP enough, take the pills. It's not like being "dependent" on opiates for pain control. HTN is one of the scourges of the human race. Drugs to control it are among medicine's greatest achievements. Take the word of someone who's seen just how catastrophic uncontrolled HTN can be. Ignore this at your peril.

High blood pressure is there test to locate why this is happening and hwere in body? 180/105 I weight 120 pounds nobody in family has this issues.

Secondary HTN. May be secondary hypertension, suggest seeking medical attention to perform quick screening and workup. Some times vascular problems of the kidney or endocrine abnormalities can lead to hypertension that may be easily curable.

After 5 years of taking tenoretic (atenolol and chlorthalidone) for high blood pressure, is there an alternative?

Yes. There are many different agents available. It depends on the reason to change. Is it ineffective? Are you not tolerating it? Your doctor can certainly suggest an alternative agent.

I have high blood pressure is there anything I can take for a runny nose?

Yes. You can take otc antihistamines like Claritin or zyrtec, and use saline nasal sprays. Decongestants such as Pseudoephedrine can elevate your BP somewhat, and if your BP is poorly controlled, then you may want to stay away from them.
Yes. Any of the Coricidin hbp family of over the counter meds are safe. Another safe and very inexpensive alternative is generic chlorpheniramine which is also over the counter (4 mg every 4-6 hours as needed). If you have allergies, these are very effective. If you have a cold, they help a little but time is the only effective "treatment." side effects are dry mouth and mild drowsiness.

Have had a red blood shot right eye for 4 days now. I have high blood pressure. Is there some things that can cause this?

Yes, of course. See your ophthalmologist. A quick look will reveal the diagnosis. There are many possibilities ranging from a broken blood vessel, to an irritated eye, to a vascular malformation inside the skull.