Chances of surviving a heart aneurism? If an otherwise healthy woman in her 50's suffers a heart aneurysm, what are the odds of survival?

Acute or chronic? . Chronic left ventricular aneurysms don't rupture and prognosis is dictated by the overall condition of the heart and its arteries. An aneurysm that occurs in the setting an acute myocardial infarction is a higher risk entity.
Aneurysm . Aneurysm of the heart is a dangerous condition, and the odds of survival depend on the size of the aneurysm and what other medical conditions the patient has. Let me explain more. Aneurysm of the heart occurs when the heart muscle has died and becomes thin. This occurs after a large heart attack that is not treated in a timely fashion. Fortunately this is an uncommon complication of heart attacks in the modern era. The aneurysmal outpouching can rupture, which is usually fatal, or it can promote blood clot formation in the heart. If a clot forms in the aneurysm, there is risk of it being pumped out of the heart to the body where it can block blood supply to vital organs resulting in stroke, kidney failure, or death.