Cigarettes and breathing tubes? I smoke a pack of cigarettes a day, will the breathing tube put in during a surgery make it painful to smoke afterwards?

Stop smoking. Please try to stop smoking. It is bad for you and bad for those around you. The breathing tube will give you a sore throat for about two days after your surgery. If you smoke when you have a sore throat for other reasons, then i assume you will have no objection to smoking after surgery...But i wish you did.
Smoking . Smoking is a destructive habit, and of the damage that it causes to your respiratory system we could talk for a very long time. During anesthesia, especially with a breathing tube in place, there can be more irritation in smokers' lungs causing more coughing and other issues around the time of surgery and recovery. These can be serious, too, like pneumonia and hypoxemia (low blood oxygen levels). So, to answer your question directly, it is generally not painful to smoke after surgery. However, many people find that their desire to smoke is less after surgery. Combine this with the health problems leading to the surgery and the time around surgery becomes a very "teachable moment" that has been proven to be a more successful quitting opportunity. If you can, the best approach to make your surgery smooth sailing is to quit smoking for at least two weeks prior. This allows time for your lung tissue to heal up from the injury of smoking and clear out congestion.