General anesthesia for a toddler? Should I be concerned about my 2 year old having a surgery done that requires general anesthesia?

Always Concern. A parent should always be concerned for the health and safety of their child. There are risks associated with anesthesia, and it takes a anesthesiologist who is well trained and comfortable with pediatrics to do these cases. Discuss the risk and benefits with this anesthesiologist and then see if you are comfortable.
If Necessary. If your child needs surgery and it is necessary as decided between you and your doctor, have the surgery done. Anesthesia providers are very well trained to treat 2 yr. Olds. As with every anesthetic and surgery there are risks.
Anesthesia safe. General anesthesia for a 2 year old is probably better than another anesthesia technique. Talk with the anesthesia attending. Ask if they are trained for just children. Do they take care of just children. Make sure you are comfortable and meet before the surgical date. It is great that you are so involved. For ear tubes, hernia, etc general anesthesia is standard.