What should I expect with vaccine allergies? If I'm allergic to one vaccine, will I be allergic to others?

Depends on… What component you're allergic to. Many are grown on eggs. A few may still have thimerosal preservative (but most have removed it). Some use weakened versions of live virus. Reactions vary: high fever, change in behavior, difficulty breathing, hoarseness/ wheezing, hives, paleness, weakness, rapid heart beat, dizziness. Report these at once to doc.
VaccinAllergyAreRare. Vaccine allergies are rare.You may be allergic to more than one allergy but you are not allergic to all vaccines.It also depends what kind of Allergic Symptoms you had.We consider serious vacicine allergy when you have had life threaenng symptom like difficulty in breathin,severe angioedema and fall in BP.These are very very rare.