How to tell if I'm dehydrated from a stomach virus?

You may be. Dizzy especially when you sit or stand, you may notice that you are urinating less and your mouth can feel dry.

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How can you tell the difference between dehydration and a stomach virus?

One can cause.. The other. A stomach virus that leads to vomiting, poor intake, diarrhea can lead to someone getting behind in fluids (dehydration). A stomach bug often comes with feeling bad, maybe fevers, stomach cramps, etc. Dehydration can be caused by lots of things besides stomach problems. Not ever stomach virus leads to dehydration, but you should take steps to prevent it anytime you have a stomach virus. Read more...

I had a stomach virus for a week. Had IV fluids but I am still dizzy all the time. Could I still be dehydrated?

Possibly. If you're thirsty, or if you feel as if you have a hangover, you may very well still be dehydrated. Your tongue should be moist and shiny. Your urine should be pale yellow, even clear, if you're well hydrated. Drink water, juices , even sport drinks, and minimize soft drinks, tea, coffee, and, of course, alcohol. If this is not your situation, see your doctor. Good luck. Read more...