Can lack of oestrogen cause trigger fingers and thumb?

Unlikely. That is unlikely. Trigger fingers are very common and can be treated with an injection.
I am not sure. Trigger finger is more common in women. Although the association of estrogen deprivation with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis in postmenopausal women needs further study.

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What is the cause of a " trigger thumb" or "trigger finger"?

Flexor tendon. What usually occurs in this problem is that the flexor tendon gets caught in on of the pulleys in the palm of the hand if mild it can be relieved with ice, nsaids and possible cortisone shots if it persists, you might need to have a release of the pulley performed to alleviate the catching.
Tendon nodule. A thickened area (nodule) of the flexor tendon to the affected finger can become "stuck" on the ligamentous pulleys that allow finger flexion and extension. You can force the nodule through the pulleys, and the "click" is called "triggering." anti-inflammatory drugs, steroid injections, or surgery to release the catch point are all possible treatments. Splinting can also help the nodule resolve.

Please help! What is the trigger finger and thumb?

Locking. Trigger finger occurs when the flexor tendons catch at the level of the a1 pulley at the distal palmar crease level. This can progress the point where the finger locks in flexion. Can be painful or not. Treatment is either steroid injection or surgery dependent on severity and length of time it's been present. Seek care with a hand surgeon.
Physical Exam. History and physical exam are used to diagnose trigger finger. Trigger finger comes from swelling of the tendons in the hand that cause the tendons to become stuck within the tendon sheath. See a hand surgeon for your situation.

If I am having right thumb trigger finger relase surgery, what should I expect?

Resolution. Surgery is usually done with a local anesthesia, sometimes with sedation. Usually takes 10-15 minutes. At the end of the procedure, the thumb should no longer trigger or lock. You should be able to begin moving the thumb immediately, and progress to light use as tolerated. Sutures removed at 10-14 days, then work on scar massage.
Relief. This is a relative minor procedure in the hands of an experienced surgeon with a very small incision with a few restrictions post operatively but providing almost immediate relief.
Minimal symtoms. The problem should be resolved and most patients return to activities as tolerated the day after surgery. Work may take a little longer due to tje type of work.

Have you ever seen trigger finger (in thumb) heal without cortisone / surgery?

Trigger thumb. Flexor tenosynovitis (trigger) is very common of all fingers including the thumb. Simple treatment includes consistent use of NSAIDs, avoidance of repetitive finger movements, splinting the involved fingers in extension nightly for 6-8 weeks.

Looking for relief of thumb trigger finger, the popping of the thumb happens when I relax at sleep....

Consider a shot. With trigger finger, patients can experience painful clicking or locking of the fingers. This is usually problematic in the early mornings. Corticosteroid injections can be quite effective at alleviating or even curing the problem outright. Consult your hand surgeon for details. Occasionally, surgery is helpful to eliminate the problem entirely.
Le me help you. Treatment for trriger thumb wll be. This includes oral nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, steroid injection, and judicious use of a a hand-based splint that prevents motion of the metacarpophalangeal (mp) and interphalangeal (ip) joints of the thumb (each maintained in 15 degrees of flexion). If those do not work surgery is very effective.

When I bend my thumb they get locked in place and when release, they make a pop or crack sound. I use computer a lot. Do I have trigger finger?

Could be. This does sound like triggerfinger. Hard to definitely tell you without examining the thumb. But the description you wrote is reasonable to consider triggerfinger as high on the differential diagnosis list. If it continues I would see an orthopaedic surgeon: options cortisone injection vs surgery.
Trigger finger. Typically has a locking or clicking tendon, other things can click in a finger or thumb such as a joint, a tendon snapping over a bone spur, other areas of tendon irritation in the wrist, even a cyst or tumor on a tendon or just a joint click from. Normal motion but yes it sounds like the description you give is that of a trigger thumb. Many get permanent relief from corticosteroid injection.