Hi I had blood test today and afterwards I have had pain in my arm above and below it and it is painful to straighten my arm is there anything I can d?

Yes, see your Dr,. I don't know what you got your blood test for but it seems like those who did it did not do a good job. There are times when the artery and/or nerve is/are damaged during blood drawing. The vein might be damaged also, and if heavy lifting or strenuous activity is done too soon after the test, there might be aggravation of the site. So, put a hot towel/compress on it, and see your dr./hosp fast.
Need for examination. Is there a swelling or discoloration? You may have had leakage of blood into the tissue. Apparently it has been a few hours since the episode. You may use a cold compress today and warm compresses over the next few days. If the pain persists for more than a day, please see your doctor.