Could previious strokes caused by endocarditis cause temporal arteritis?

No. Strokes in endocarditis are usually due to septic vegetation emboli breaking off the infected heart valve and going to the brain. Mycotic aneurysms can rupture causing severe life threatening hemorrhagic strokes. Temporal arteritis is an autoimmune giant cell arteritis of the temporal arteries. It is associated with polymyalgia rheumatica and has nothing to do with bacterial endocarditis.

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Could previous strokes caused by endocarditis cause temporal arteritis?

No. Temporal arteritis is and inflammatory condition of the artery, and would not be caused by endocarditis. Temporal arteritis can cause a stroke though.

Temporal arteritis. What is the worst thing that can happen if untreated? Do you stroke and die?

Death. You may go blind or you could go on to get an aneurysm that could rupture and kill you or you could have a stroke and die. All of these are possible if you leave this untreated. None of these will automatically occur but these are some of the possible outcomes of untreated temporal arteritis.

Have daily headaches have temporal arteritis what causes headaches?

Treatable headaches. Temporal arteritis is treated with oral prednisone. It's an auto-immune disorder usualy diagianosed by a proper history and a lab test called a "sedimination rate-esr". Prompt tx is necessary to avoid a stroke, blindness or rarely cardiac ischemia.
Bx confirmed? Temporal arteritis is a serious issue and should be confirmed with bx and more recently, mra studies. It is a very high grade inflammatory disease, and requires staunch antiinflammatory rx. Pain comes from inflammation of the cerebral vessels that have "giant cell vasculitis."however, if your inflammation numbers (CRP) are down, your headaches may have another cause. Steroids, mtx, and tnf-a are rxs.

How can I tell which headache is caused by temporal arteritis or from my eyes or something else?

Get a doctor'advice. Headache with neurological symptoms like blurred vision loss of field of vision, numbness and or tingling of face or extremes loss of motor function with headache should always be evaluated by your physician or go to local emergency dept. There they can better decide what is the likely cause.
You cannot. Consult with your physician as they may need to do blood test as well as further detailed examinations. Only by determining the cause can a treatment be designed.

Can pain caused by temporal arteritis be relieved by exercise?

Not usually. You might need steroids for treatment see your doctor for more information.
No. Temporal arteritis is a vasculitis or blood vessel inflammation. It is unusual to have it at your age. Exercise does not help it. If this is really what you have, it must be treated with steroids like Prednisone. See a doctor to be tested and examined. Good luck!

I have temporal arteritis are all headaches I get caused by this disease? Some are very painful

See your doctor. Headache, tenderness/decreased pulse of the temporal artery, jaw pain, vision loss are all manifestations of temporal arteritis. It is diagnosed definitively with a temporal artery biopsy. If you have temporal arteritis, you need to be treated with steroids right away to prevent permanent vision loss. Temporal arteritis is self-limiting in many patients and the steroids can be tapered off.
They could be. Temporal arteritis, also known as giant cell arteritis, is a systemic autoimmune vasculitis that affects the lining of arteries throughout the body. It is uncommon in patients below 60 and can be chronic and recurrent. The difficulty in managment is in knowing which symptoms are not due to the gca or treatment side effects. Presentation can be highly variable. Exam and work up is key. CRP too.

Can migraine cause tender and painful arteries too or only temporal arteritis? I'm 25 thought this was too young for TA?

Yes. Migraines can cause a wide array of neurologic symptoms from partial blindness to scalp tenderness (including temporal tenderness). Migraine induced scalp tenderness should be transient; TA tends to be persistent. If your temporal tenderness persists you need a referral to a neurologist for evaluation. Otherwise you're looking at one of a migraneurs' common symptoms.

Re: vasculitis, temporal arteritis, gca - does artery inflammation change - worse at times, improve or change - if so what would cause changes (?)

See below. The inflammation should improve with Prednisone therapy. It would get worse without therapy.
Yes. It responds very well to high dose steroids. It should be started as soon as possible to avoid dangerous eye complications.

Does a clear ophthalmic exam rule out temporal arteritis or aneurysm as cause of visual problems/other unilateral symptoms? The doctor said "sounds vascular" afterward but didn't elaborate. Very worried.

No. Temporal arteritis is a diagnosis proven or disproven by a temporal artery biopsy. Other tests or labs may point toward it, but a biopsy is definitive. Treatment is long term high dose steroids. You need a ct, mri, or angiogram to identify an aneurysm. Talk with your doctor about a neurologist consultation.
No. Temporal arthritis not ruled out by eye exam. Need blood work and possibly mri.