I'm so depressed becus im NT conceiving frm 9 months really wnt to hv baby please help me?

Increasing chance. Infertility is by definition=failure to conceive after trying for 1 yr. If you have not been able to get pregnant despite trying x1yr, consult doc to find out the cause first. Treatment depends on the cause..I.E if u had pelvic inflammatory disease in past, your tubes maybe blocked, thus no med can help. If trouble with ovulation, then med may help etc...Partner not fertile? Consult doc. Good luck.
See Specialist. Have you consulted with a fertility specialist? That would be the best thing for you. There are causes for infertility stemming from both the father and mother and tests can be done to first determine the cause. Then, the doctor can come up with a plan to correct the problem in many cases. Good luck.
Pregnancy. If you have been trying with your partner and having optimal conditions for trying to get pregnant and 6 months went by then you should consult with a fertility specialist.