I have been having itchy skin on the back of my neck and stomach. What could be the causes?

Allergy? Could be an allergy to something you applied to those areas of skin, or to something you ate or inhaled, or to a medication, or to a new detergent or fabric softener. Many times the cause is difficult to find. Try a long-acting antihistamine like allegra; if that doesn't work, let your doctor or a dermatologist examine you.

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I have loss of muscle I have burning pains in my back stomach and legs itchy skin burning throat mucousy stools rashes appearing on body any ideas plz?

See a doctor. You describe so many symptoms that it very difficult to tell what is going on, especially without some type of time frame (i.e. How long these symptoms have been going on?) Rashes appearing on your body could be a sign of a serious reaction to something. You should be evaluated by a doctor. Seeing a rash is usually the most important diagnostic technique.

Itchy skin on my back, sides of stom and back of neck. No bumps or redness unless I scratch then feels hot after..

Dermatographic. This may or may not be a chronic situation. Try taking antihistamine to see if it helps. Sometimes dry skin can also cause this type of reaction and thus applying a moisturizer <3 minutes after bathing may help. If problem persists, see derm or allergist.

Been having fatty floating yellow poop for months. Blood & feces test all came back normal. Stomach is always bloated & itchy skin and fatigued. Help!

IBS/Diet. I suggest a GI consultation and also a stool analysis. Floating stools with color suggests fat in BM and or GI inflammation with mucous formation. You will need blood testing for thyroid, liver and pancreatic/liver function evaluation.

What caused this and hiw do I cure tiny itchy skin colored bumps on neck?

May be viral. Small itchy bumps on the neck could be something called flat warts. These are small skin colored bumps that come from a virus that has no treatment except destruction. See the doctor and have a specific dx made and the doctor may be helpful to remove them.