How does swine flu cause lung failure?

Inflammatory respons. Several people died of respiratory failure related to swine flu. Interestingly many of these patients were otherwise healthy patients. On bronchoscopy we found that these patient developed densely packed inflammatory cells in their alveoli. It is believed that the patients that did the worst, had the healthiest immune systems and the respiratory failure was actually the patients own immune system.
By damaging lung. Swine flu can cause a reaction in the body that can damage the lung. Rarely, the flu itself can cause pneumonia and cause lung damage that way, also.
Air sacs swelling. Swine flu is a mutating virus affecting pigs and spreads to man called zoonotic infection. Human transmission it spreads to blood. Immunity responds with chemicals called cytokine and factors causing swelling in cells. Virus attack membranes and smaller blood vessels abundant in lung causing adult respiratory distress and thus inability to extract oxygen from air to blood causing illness/death.

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Can having swine flu lead to a lung infection?

Yes. Influenza is primarily a respiratory tract infection. It can kil either from it's direct effects or leading to a secondary bacterial infection. Read more...

I hv fever for last few days, slight weakness. But I came in contact with person suffering from swine flu. Now slight pain in chest and heavy throat.

Get tested. If you have malaise, sore throat, fever, tight chest, etc. these are all symptoms consistent with viral illness. If your encounter with a victim of swine flu preceded these symptoms, your viral illness may be influenza. If you're getting worse, you should promptly seek help. If you're getting better and it's been several days, continue rest and hydration until symptoms resolve. . Read more...