Can a food allergy cause joint pain/swelling?

Food allergy. Food allergy can result in swelling of connective tissues including joints. It can occur with hours and may be seen upto 24 hours after intake of food one is allergic to. Need to see an allergist to determine if it is the food that is causing the swelling rather than there is another cause of the joint swelling.

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30 yr albanian male. Joint pain, 99.8 temp, food allergies. Hemoglobin 6.7, RDW 18, mvc 74, platelets 530. Sed w rate 58. Ferr. 105, iron sat. 6.

U r seriously sick. You're a 30 year old man and no matter how dysfunctional your health care system is, you have a right to demand that your physician explain why you are apparently iron deficient. You have a bleeding ulcer or gastrointestinal cancer until proved otherwise. Read more...