I have severe pain in my arm and have end stage cirrhosis is this osteoporosis?

Not likely. Osteoporosis only causes pain in the case of fracture, which in people with severe osteoporosis can happen with minimal trauma. However, the relationship of the trauma to the fracture, and hence the pain is pretty much immediate. In people with cancers that metastasize to bone, fractures can occur without trauma. See your doctor for an evaluation asap, and talk about taking vitamin d and calcium.
Not likely. Osteoporosis causes the bones to be "brittle" with less calcium in the bone matrix. The only time this would cause pain is in the case of fracture. Most fractures in people with osteoporosis occur in the spine and hip, and occasionally in the wrist. One would not expect arm pain unless there were trauma. You need to see a physician for a full history, physical examination and probably xrays.