I think I may have a urinary tract infection. It hurts to urinate and my urine is faded and had a strong odor. What do I do?

Push fluids. Increasing fluids and cranberry may help. Ideally you should see your pcp or go to an urgent care.
See a doctor. You need to see a regular doctor to confirm the diagnosis and to start oral antibiotics.
See a doctor. This can easily be diagnosed and treated by your local primary care physician, while making sure there is nothing more serious going on. You should be better very soon.

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What does occasional cloudy urine mean? Itchiness that comes with it. Could I possibly have a minor urinary tract infection?

Possibly. Urinary tract infections don't tend to be "occasional." they tend to have a start and an end. You should definitely have a urine test to see what is there especially at the time of symptoms. Read more...