I recently had a toe amputated after an injury and have now got dupuytrens in my right hand, could there possibly be a link to my toe amutation?

No. Dupuytren's is a hereditary disease and has nothing to do with the toe amputation.
NO. There isn't a "link" between the two, but your original injury may have produced the set of circumstances that lead to the contracture.
If you had. An injury, it sounds like that was the cause. I don't believe there is a link.

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I recently injured a toe and had to have it amputated, I have now got dupuytren's in my right hand, is there a link?

Unlikely. Doubt there is a link between a traumatic foot injury and the development of a hand problem. Read more...
No, no link. Duputytrens also know as Vikings disease is genetic. While environmental and nutritional and medication issues are linked to the trait being more obvious ( i.e. getting contracture) a foot injury does not have any obvious links to hand progression. Presence of hand AND foot disease mean that the genes or "stronger" in that person but an injury to the foot has not been linked to turing on the hand. Read more...