My head hurts daily. Mostly mild. Comes and goes. I do have anxiety. Hurts above my eye brows or temples either side of head?

Tension headaches. Sounds like you could be having tension headaches along with your anxiety problem. See your personal physician for an evaluation of these issues would be a good idea.
See Below. Have you been evaluated for your headaches? Discuss your symptoms with your primary care doctor, get a work-up done and ask for a referral to headache specialist and take things from there. You need to establish a reason for your headaches. Keep a headache diary -- when did it start, what helped, what didn't help. Good luck!

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Pain above left eye brow tender to touch and headache at side of head comes and goes over last few days painkillers do help.?

Need full history. If this is something new, you'll need a full history to be taken. Differential is broad. I'm available for a virtual consult to guide diagnosis, workup, and treatment.
See Dr. Temporal artery inflammation can cause blindness. It is associated with polymyalgia rheumatica, mostly older people. It responds to prednisone orally. Your beclomethasone is inhaled. See a neurologist as soon as you can. You need an accurate diagnosis.