Can ulcers cause low blood pressure?

Ulcers and BP. An ulcer that is bleeding can certainly lower blood pressure. This clinical situation, of course, is an emergency.
Yes. Ulcers, like stomach ulcers, can lead to bleeding and anemia which can be asssociated with low blood pressure.

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What cause low blood pressure? What are its symptoms?

Dubious idea. This is a "pop" diagnosis especially in parts of europe, and some physicians believe in it; it's used to explain a variety of symptoms (including folks I suspect are somatizing / just unhappy); it's not mainstream, and if somebody's symptomatic, i'd look for some other cause. The healthy heart keeps pressure just adequate to perfuse the body; "low" shouldn't be a problem.

Can bed rest cause low blood pressure?

Yes. We put women who have pregnancy induced hypertension on bed rest to lower their blood pressure. We have receptors in our neck called baroreceptors that raise our blood pressure when we are upright. In some people, especially the elderly, these don't work well and it takes longer for their blood pressure to reset when they stand up.

What can cause low blood pressure and arm pain?

Multiple cause. Low BP can be caused by blood loss, anemia, vasodilatation, drug reaction or allergy, anaphylactic shock, infection, sepsis. Not sure how to relate to arm pain.

What could cause low blood pressure?

Commonly dehydration. For the average person, the most common cause of low BP is from dehydration--not getting enough fluids/foods. For elderly this is even more common. Also, medications can also do this. Autonomic dysfunctions as in parkinson disease or advanced diabetes; heart failure, liver failure, rapid blood loss/bleeding etc...Are other major causes. If you have problem, consult doc. Good luck.

Can celexa (citalopram) cause low blood pressure?

Not found. In studies determining the safety of Celexa, (citalopram) low blood pressure was NOT found to be a side effect.