Can surgery cause you to develop amnesia?

Short term, yes. Amnesia is usually a desirable component of anesthesia, and short term (less than 24 hours) amnesia with cognitive dysfunction (abnormal thinking) is common after general anesthesia. However, uncomplicated anesthesia and surgery does not cause long term amnesia. In other words, if you do not have any complications during anesthesia or surgery, there should be no long term amnesia. Dr. Mike.
Not usually. Usually, surgery itself does not cause amnesia. But, the anesthetic to allow you to undergo surgery definitely do cause amnesia. That is one of the side effects of those meds. When i had my own colonoscopy, i don't remember getting dressed afterwards or most of the ride home!
Probably not. Some of the drugs used in anesthesia like versed are well known to cause temporary amnesia. These are drugs called "benzodiazepines" that are part of the valium family. While at peak effect, they keep people from remembering events. They are often very helpful at helping people relax and sleep. So it's not the surgery--more likely the medications used as part of anesthesia or sedation.