Had 2 shoulder surgeries over 2 mo. Last one 4 weeks ago for scar tissue. Doing pt at rehab & home. Taking meds. Aching/pain unrelenting. What to do now?

Second Opinion? http://www.theshouldercenter.com/shoulderpain/2010/shoulder-pain/shoulder-pain-surgery-the-right-decision-for-shoulder-pain-surgery/ it is unclear from your question why you had 2 shoulder surgeries and the primary diagnosis responsible for your symptoms. You many consider a second opinion to help sort out other possibilities for your pain.
Pain block. So sorry for your continued pain. Please return to your physician and ask about the possibility of a pain block. There are several types that may provide you some relief. I have seen suprascapular blocks very helpful on several occasions. Please keep in mind that every case is unique and your doctor or a pain management specialist can help guide you.