Does pregnancy-induced hypertension cause placental abruption?

Yes. High blood pressure is associated with abruption. So report immediately to your OB the following symptoms: onset of frequent, strong contractions, very firm uterus that does not feel like it relaxes, and/or dark or bright red bleeding from the separation of placenta from uterine wall (coming through vagina). Because this can be an OB emergency, patients at risk may already be under surveillance.
Yes. Pih or pregnancy induced hypertension may be associated with toxemia of pregnancy. These are serious conditions that may cause pregnancy complications. These may be associated with proteinuria, headaches, swelling of hands and face, abruption or placental separation, iugr intra-uterine growth restriction, fetal distress, preterm delivery, and brain injury to the newborn.
Yes. Any blood pressure problem in pregnancy can cause an abruption.
Yes. High blood pressure, whether present before pregnancy or whether it develops during pregnancy, does increase a woman's risk for abruption. But most women with high blood pressure never have an abruption.

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Can you tell me about pregnancy after placental abruption?

Depends on extent. Severe placental abruption may terminate the pregnancy. Small area of abruption may not be a big deal. The health and progression of the pregnancy depends on may factors including the underlying reason for abruption.

I delivered surrogate mo/di twins at 30 weeks due to 25% placental abruption. Are my chances higher at a p/a again with another pregnancy?

Placental abrubtion. Previous abruption is the strongest risk factor for abruption. Other major risk factors include drug abuse, hypertension, trauma and cigarette smoking.

Is there a connection between a two vessel cord and a placental abruption in pregnancy?

No. Two-vessel cord or single umbilical artery is not uncommon - 1-2% of all pregnancies have it. Abruption of the placenta is more rare (0.4-1%) and has not been associated with single umbilical artery.

I lost my baby during my first pregnancy due to suhchrionic bleed which led to placental abruption at 24 weeks-, do I even bother trying again :/?

Absolutely. Consult your obstetrician im sure he will encourage you also.
Have faith. Abruption of placenta is uncommon and may not repeat in the next pregnancy, have faith and try again, chances of normal pregnancy are much, much higher. Good luck.
Yes. You should sit down with your obgyn and talk about what if any risk factors you had for your placental abruption. Many women have a horrible pregnancy outcome in one pregnancy but go on to have successful pregnancies after. Good luck!

Does pregnancy-induced hypertension cause hellp syndrome?

No. Pih includes both gestational hypertension, which is a benign condition where the woman's blood pressure increases slightly without the associated proteinuria, edema or lab abnormalities found in pre-eclampsia. Hellp syndrome is a variant of severe pre-eclampsia characterized by hemolysis, elevated liver enzymes and low-platelets. Blood pressure may be high as well.
We don't think so. Generally speaking, our best understanding of this process is an activation of the coagulation cascade, not hypertension. Research into this condition continues, and our explanations will get better as the science evolves.