Are there any effective treatments for interstitial lung disease?

IPF treatment. Steroids and nac do not work as by a recent not yet published randomized study. Pirfenidone is approved in japan and germany, at around $80, 000 every year. It stops deterioration in about 1/3 of treated patients but no improvement. I would not use it because the benefits are small. But I do have several patients who buy it overseas.
If the cause has tx. First we should try to find the cause with bronchoscopy and lung biopsy in case it may be treatable, otherwise only supportive or symptomatic treatment.
Bronchoscopy. A bronchoscopy with biopsies should be performed to get a real diagnosis. That is what I do for a living.
Yes. Interstitial lung disease are a group of many different types of lung disease. Some are treatable. Often immune suppresent such as steriods are used. Other times triggering agents can be removed. It is important to find out what type of interstitial lung disease you have.
ILD. Unfortunately, there are no known treatments for ild. There are multiple clinical trials on going, and perhaps going to the nih website, you can find a center who participates in one of the trials near you.

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What are some interstitial lung disease treatment?

None. Some studies are looking at perfenidone and n-acetyl-cysteine as treatment, but neither is likely to have substantial impact on mortality or possibility of cure. Only supplemental oxygen is currently available. Read more...

What is the treatment for interstitial lung disease?

Unfortunately none. There is no effective treatment for interstitial lung disease that alters progression or mortality. In fact treatment has been shown to worsen survival over no treatment. That said, two treatments are currently in progress; perfenidone and n-acetyl -cysteine may have some limited role in improving outcomes, but the data is not yet complete. Read more...

What is standard interstitial lung disease treatment?

Depends on state. If there is active inflammation going on steroids and antiinflammatories are used. As the inflammation burns out, there is fibrosis and oxygen may be necessary. Eventually in severe cases and in rapidly deteriorating lungs, lungs transplantation may be necessary. Read more...

Which hospital handles the treatment of interstitial lung disease?

Lung disease hospita. generally speaking in the hospital with a good pulmonary medicine department should be able to treat interstitial lung disease. There are some specialty hospitals that focus on this. Most notably is National Jewish medical center in Denver Colorado. Read more...

What are the main symptoms of interstitial lung disease?

Low oxygen. Co2 diffuses faster than o2 and the early findings in interstitial lung diseases is dyspnea on exertion and proven by desaturation with exercise or even walking. The work up then starts from there. It could mimic pulmonary hypertension in manifestations. Read more...