Are people with alcoholic heart (cardiomyopathy) more likely to get septicemia?

Yes they are. Patients who abuse alcohol are more likely to become septic, and less likely to survive critical illness. This was demonstrated by a large study of about 11, 000 patients admitted to a denver hospital ICU over a 6 year period of time. So patients who have alcoholic cardiomyopathy share this increased risk of sepsis with other patients with an alcohol abuse history.
Yes. Alcoholics in general are prone to infections due to poor nutrition. Cardiomyopathy due alcohol usually means they are cirrhotic. They can become very sick (septic), very easily.

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My husband has alcoholic cardiomyopathy, fatty liver and high blood pressure. His heart beats rapidly without his medication. What is his prognosis?

Alcoholism. There is a spiritual and physical miracle available to those addicts who get sober. Their health and their relationships get better. His prognosis is very good if he stops drinking and stays sober.
It really isn't. Possible to provide a prognosis for your husband with this on-line information. We don't know the severity of his cardiomyopathy. This condition prevents his heart from pumping blood properly ; can cause heart failure. This can go on to impact other organs in his body. One thing is for sure - if he does not undergo major life style changes the amount of damage he is doing to his body will ^.
See cardiologist. Alcoholic cardiomyopathy is one that has a chance for recovery. See a cardiologist. Stopping alcohol and treating his heart failure. The liver can recover too. Medications and treatment are indicated.