I had a cortisone shot in wrist under fluoroscopy for numbness of carpal tunnel, I still have numbness just not as pronounced, but now have pain.?

Risks. Breast augmentation is safe but there are a number of short and long term risks. Short: infection, asymmetry, scar, hematoma, pain, nipple sensation changes, breast feeding changes. Long term: capsular contracture, rippling, breast ptosis, implant rupture. This is not a complete list to its best to seek a consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon in your area.
Botox . Find a physician that specializes in migraine treatments using botox. This is proven to be effective in frontal migraines.
Seek A Consultation. If you are having severe pain you should seek a consultation with an experienced hand surgeon. Untreated nerve compression can lead to permanent and irreversible nerve damage.
Tobacco. Hookah smoke is as dangerous as cigarette smoke. It is estimated by some that one hookah session is equivalent to smoking 100 cigarettes.
Conservative Treatment. Steroid injections are considered conservative treatment. If it fails you may need surgery to correct your problem.
Persistent CTS. Sometimes the conservative treatments for cts (therapy, anti-inflammatories, steroid injections) provide some but not complete relief. The numbness might improve but due to the high level of compression on the median nerve complete resolution may not be achieved. This is best accomplished with surgery. The pain experienced can be progression of the cts.

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