When I go on dialysis am I automatically placed on the donation list for kidney donation?

No. You have to be referred to a transplant center. However you must meet certain requirements such as having good control of your diabetes and hypertension. Also must be cancer free and be compliant.
No. You need to have an evaluation by a kidney transplant program; if you are thought to be a reasonable transplant candidate, then you will get listed on the waiting list. With the new allocation system that went into effect recently, they will use your dialysis start date as the listing date.
NO. You should seek and make an appt to see a transplant center ASAP. For a young person as your self transplant is the best option. Depending on your state and blood type wait times can vary. Remember you can listed in more than one state and more than one center. You just have to pick a primary center. Do your home work. UNOS is the body that regulates transplant in USA. Http://www. Unos. Org.
No automatic listing. Only a transplant center can place you on the national waiting list. The txp team must evaluate you (in person) + educate you about transplantation. You will be provided with a formal statement of whether or not you are placed on the list. If you are not on the list, you will be told what must be completed in order for the evaluation to be complete, so the team can make an adequate decision.
Nothing is automatic. If you go on dialysis, you would not be considered for kidney donation at any time. If you are in renal failure, you could be a candidate for a kidney transplant, but this would require evaluation and assessment by a certified kidney transplant program.
No. In order to get on the transplant list, patients need to be evaluated by a transplant center to be sure that transplantation is right for them. Some patients should not get transplants and will do better if they remain on dialysis.