Are there ways to fix crowded teeth besides braces?

Invisalign. Invisalign is a way to straighten teeth with removable plastic aligners. Talk to your dentist about this.
Invisalign. Invisalign and other similar competitors have a method of straightening teeth with out braces. This option is very popular with adults. No food restrictions, no braces that show, easy to brush your teeth. There are some limitations as compared with braces. Check with an orthodontist to see what your options are.
Yes. Braces are the most conservative method to fix crowded teeth, but it can also be done with veneers depending on the extent of the crowding.
Sure. Surgically you can cut the crooked teeth down and cap them or veneer them. This does not straighten the roots, and is therefore less kind to the supporting tissues. Additionally, restorations last an average of 10 years and then need repair or replacement. Non surgically you can wear braces (>90% effective) or consider clear aligners (about 41% effective). See an orthodontist for evaluation.