What happens if I remove myself from the organ donor registry but still have dot indicating I want to be a donor on my card?

Be clear . The best approach is to make your wishes clear to both the registry and your family/loved ones.
Let family know. If you really do not want to be an organ donor after you die, let your next of kin know of your wishes. You can remove the donor affirmation from your driver's license in most states if you wish to do this.
No problem. In most countries including the us the family has to give formal consent.
You won't be a donor. If you are listed on your state's registry as agreeing or disagreeing to be a donor, then your wishes will be honored and your family can't override them. The "dot" on your license will prompt a check of your state's registry. If you have not explicitly stated your wishes, your next-of-kin will make the decision for you.