How likely would it be for me to catch the hand-foot-mouth disease from a 4 year old?

Depends. Usually this infection is only contagious to children ten years and younger but you could be infected if you have not been around the disease and developed immunity.

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How probable would it be for me to catch hand foot mouth desease from a 4 year old?

Not very. Most adults will have had the hfm process as a child which confers immunity to the strain involved. However there is more than one strain of virus involved and occasional outbreaks among adults do occur.

Can I catch (hand foot & mouth decease) from a 3 year old? I'm 54 years old--male! From touch?

Yes! However, you are much less likely to get it than another child would. It is spread by contact with saliva or feces, or through the air by aerosol (from sneezing). The best way to keep from getting it is, like almost everything, frequent hand washing. Best of luck!

How can I tell if my 7mo old child has hand foot mouth disease; there have been 3 cases in his class?

Ulcers. Caused by a virus, ulcers in the mouth are a good clue. Occasionally blisters on the hands and feet, but not always. Other sx may include fever, diarrhea, sore throat, and congestion. A good physical exam by the pediatrician can make this diagnosis. Remember that antibiotics do not cure this infection.
Very infectious. Tender vesicles in mouth, tongue, back of hand, some have rash on feet. This is a viral condition.
Oral ulcers, skin ras. He may get ulcerative lesions in the mouth that are painful and small vesicular lesions one the fingers, plams, toes and soles of the feet. There is usally a 3-6 day incubation period from exposure till lesions appear.