Is writing "go see a dentist" a proper response to a dental question?

Yes. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to diagnose over the internet. Words can only take you so far. We dentists work better with our diagnostic tools such as x-rays, ct scans, study models, visual information, personal, medical and dental histories. So much is left out if a one on one evaluation is not conducted. Hope this helps, .
I like that! Many questions can be answered online without seeing the patient. Such as, "what's the difference in a crown and cap?" (ans: none, they are the same thing) or "how long should I feel pain after a tooth is pulled?" (ans: usually one or two days) etc etc. But a question like: "my teeth are crowded. Do i need braces?" obviously needs to have someone look at the patient and make an evaluation.
Perhaps.. If it is something that needs to be seen to answer the question...Then yes...go see a dentist. If is a general question about a condition or situation then perhaps you can get by without stepping foot in a dental office. Like..I play I need a mouthguard to protect my teeth. Or I grind and clench at there anything I can do without seeing a dentist.
Depends. Without visualizing the problem or having xrays, it is pretty difficult to diagnose a dental problem, like fixing your car over the phone.