My sister is on the transplant list for a kidney and pancreas and she has recently diagnosed with mrsa, will this hurt her chances?

Pancreas transplant. If she is colonized, this is not a contraindication. However if she has an active infection this should be treated prior to transplantation.
Not in the long term. An active infection is a contraindication for a transplant. This is because the drugs needed to prevent rejection can exacerbate an active infection. Once an active infection is adequately treated, the transplant can occur.
No. It is common to be colonized with MRSA and this can only be eliminated with antibiotics. As long as there is no active infection, transplantation can proceed safely and should not affect the chances of receiving an organ.
Not usually. Mrsa or any other bacterial infection should be treated and resolved before immunosuppressive drugs are started. There are several antibiotics that can rapidly clear mrsa.