What is one way to treat sebaceous cyst on my earlobe?

Drain it. Either bring it to "head" with warm packs or have it opened. Removal of the cyst wall is the definitive treatment.
Cyst. Have it removed surgically.

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What happens if I leave a sebaceous cyst in my earlobe?

Infection. It can get bigger and become painful. There is also a chance that a cyst could get infected and the removing it can become a bigger problem.
Maybe nothing. Sebaceous cyst can stay the same with little change over many years. They can slowly enlarge and this increase in size can make excision a little harder. They can also rupture or get infected both of which can make excision harder and recurrence rate increase.

Do I have a sebaceous cyst? I have a small hard lump on the back of my ear, only noticeable when touched. No pain. When pressed firmly slight movement

Black? Keloid? If you have pigmented skin (asian, hispanic, black), you may have a keloid, and need infections of steroids to make it go down. Go see a plastic surgeon.
Probably Yes. It sure sounds like an inclusion or sebaceous cyst. You should have it examined, just to make sure.

My gp prescribed me antibios for abscess/sebaceous cyst behind ear now I have a large boil like lump on neck. What does this mean?

Go back to doctor. Without being able to see this there is no way in which to diagnose. Go back and let your doctor decide.
See a dermatologist. You may have an enlarged lymph node as reaction to an inflamed cyst. Antibiotic therapy may not be effective, drainage or removal of the cyst may be the best treatment. First get an accurate diagnosis.

I recently lightened my hair and developed a bump behind my left ear and an increased size in a sebaceous cyst in my right ear lobe. Bleach allergy?

Irritant? More likely an irritant reaction or less likely infection from the material you used for the bleaching. An allergic reaction usually occurs from 1-3 days after the contact and is usually itchy.