I have plantar fascitis and I want to know how effective are ankle braces to treat it?

Plantar fasciitis. An ankle brace would not be a good form and treatment for plantar fasciitis. The only type of brace that will help plantar fasciitis is called a dorsal night splint.
Not really. Ankle braces can help restrict motion at the ankle joint. It is not designed to treat plantar fasciitis.
Orthotics. There are many treatments for the acute pain of pplantar fasciitis, however, without a custom foot orthotic, the pain will return. An ankle brace will do nothing for this condition.

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Can ankle braces help plantar fascitis? Pain in fascia and tender.? Any advice besids the normal rice, stretch and strengthen and massage

No. Ankle braces have stabilize motion in the ankle, not the plantar fascia. Although they add a compression component, they do not help with the inflamed ligament. Night splints allow for 8 hr stretch at night, cortisone injection may also decreased inflammation, and orthotic inserts may help decrease pain. Hope these help out! Read more...
Night splints??? There are some night splints to help stretch out the plantar fascia while you sleep. Some of these look like ankle braces, but provide a completely different service to you. You should also use replacement supportive insoles like spenco total support or rx orthotics. See a podiatrist for details. Read more...