What can be causing a painful breast lump and hand/arm pain?

Coincidental? It is unlikely that you have one process responsible for both of your symptoms. Pain in your arm&hand should not be caused by a breast lump unless there is (significant) swelling in the armpit, as well. Regardless, any new breast lump warrants physician evaluation. It would be best if you saw your primary care doctor or gynecologist.
See a MD NOW! Breast cancer can be a serious cause and needs to be ruled in or out immediately.

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I have a painful breast lump, 6 weeks post partum. What could cause this?

Infection. You could be experiencing mastitis, which is an infection due to clogging of the milk duct. You should alert your gyn and get a complete breast exam. You may need an ultrasound. Do not delay in contacting your doctors.

Is it possible that a painful breast lump just be normal breast tissue?

See a Doctor. Any new lump in the breast should be a cause for concern, best handled by seeing your gyne or primary care doctor. While most cancers are not painful, it is not a reliable finding. Hopefully, your doctor will be able to alleviate your concern or refer you to a breast center/surgeon for definitive evaluation. I hope its a false alarm--good luck.
It depends. It depends on what you mean by" normal".If you mean that, could it be a benign (noncancerous) process? Yes. If you are young esp. A painful breast mass could be due to several causes which include:abscess, cysts, fibrocystic breast disease, traumatic hematoma (blood clot).All breast lumps should be evaluated by a breast dr or gen surgeon to ensure a benign process.

I have a very painful breast lump under my nipple. Ii'm 16. Could this be serious?

Puberty. Pubertal gynecomastia may effect the majority of males as the begin their pubertal transition. Most are minimal and last 6m to a year, but occasional longer episodes do occur (1-3yr) spongy glandular tissue directly under the nipple defines the process.

If I got a painful breast lump at the age of 15, could this be breast cancer?

Rarely. Brest cancer in teens is very rare. This should be examined by a physician so you can know without a doubt that you are safe.
Not likely. Most breast lumps in 15 year olds (men or women) are either part of development or the result of injury. But any lump that concerns you should always be checked out by your doctor.
No. A breast mass at this young age is usually a fluid filled cyst or a noncancerous mass called a fibroadenoma. I recommend seeing a physician or gynecologist for a physical examination.

I have a very painful breast lump under my nipple. I'm 16 so what could it be?

Abscess or cyst. There could be an abscess, pus collection, or a cyst or fluid collection or mastitis or an infection of your breast gland get this checked out with your primary file need an ultrasound to determine if you need something to be drained or biopsied. Do not ignore this. You may also need antibiotics. Good luck.
Also could be... Gynecomastia which is a temporary sore breast lump that sometimes occurs in young men. Usually on one side, tender to touch without skin redness. I also agree with the possibilities described by dr. Sarraga. Best to be seen by your doctor for an evaluation.

What could a painful breast lump in an 18 year old be? Family history or breast and ovarian cancer

Abscess. The good news is that cancer lumps in the breast are very rarely painful! Much more likely this is an abscess or a plugged duct leading to some local mastitis. If you are feeling ill, fever or redness around the lump, go to urgent care tonight or see doc first thing in morning. If not feeling too bad, try some warm compresses on area or 10 minutes in a hot shower every hour tonight.
Lets review you are. You've noticed a painful lump, how long has it been there? What day of your cycle are you on? Have you had this complaint before? Do you drink caffeine? Is there a family histroy =of breast cancer? Is the area hot? Red? Does it involve the nipple or nipple discharge? At your age, the most likely cause would be fibrocystic disease which can cuase painful lumps especially due to certain foods and c.
Hormonal tissue. Most likely it is a fibroadenoma, fibrocystic breast tissue or a cyst. However, if there is a family history of breast or ovarian cancer, you should rule out breast cancer.