How long after getting a wisdom teeth taken out will they remove stitches?

Varies. A lot of times, self-dissolving sutures are used, so they will not need to be taken out. Otherwise, it would likely be a week later.
Depends. If the stitches need to be removed, your doctor will probably remove them a week after surgery. However, often times dissolvable stitches are used and these will never need to be removed (they will eventually dissolve on their own and disappear). Ask you doctor what kind of stitches you have an when he will want you to return.

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I'm wondering how long does it take wisdom teeth holes with stitches to heal?

Wizzie X. If you had sutures it probably was a surgical extraction..... Allow about 2 weeks for initial healing and depending on the amount of manipulation required to remove the tooth one or two months. Read more...
7-10 days. 7-10 days. Depends on amount of surgery necessary to remove teeth. Could be more or less. Complications like dry socket will prolong healing. Most important factor is to follow instructions of oral surgeon carefully. Read more...