Part of my mole has changed color after a laser hair removal treatment. Should I be concerned?

Lasers and moles. The laser used for laser hair removal shines in the skin and the hair equally. Pigmented skin, like in a mole, will tend to absorb more laser energy that pale white skin, so color change is possible. On the other hand, if the mole was changing and you only noticed it because you had hair removal in the area, this should be checked out by your dermatologist. If there is any doubt, get checked out.
Yes. Laser hair removal depends on damaging color bearing cells and may have caused this new finding. There is no evidence that laser causes melanoma, but it must still be looked for: whenever amole changes in character.

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Can I have laser hair removal and isotretinoin simultaneously? Black American skin. Past laser mole removal while on isotretinoin w/o scarring.

There should. be no problem with skin treatments while on isotretinoin. That being said, because you are more prone to scarring due to your skin type please make sure you are being treated by an expert. That means a Board Certified Dermatologist, Plastic Surgeon, or Cosmetic Surgeon. Read more...

I had laser hair removal on my arms. And my mole puffed up and looked pussy. Now it has dried up and looks like a scab. Should I be worried about this?

Scab. The swelling and purulent drainage did indicate a skin infection but the resolution of the swelling,any redness, and the development of scabbing indicates clearing of active infection. Do not remove the scab but let it fall off naturally as the underlying skin heals. Read more...