What are some ways to get rid of eye twitching?

Determine the cause. Eye lid twitching can be caused by many things and an ophthalmologist is necessary to determine the true cause. The most common causes are fatigue, stress and dry eye. If you have been doing a lot of eye straining lately, try to take more breaks. Use artificial tears to moisturize the eye and mitigate your stress as much as possible.
Eye lid twitch. Decrease or stop caffeine use, reduce stress levels and increase amount of hours you sleep. Occasionally, using a cold compress temporarily helps as well. If this problem is severe and persistent, you may need medical treatment by an ophthalmologist.

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What can I do to get rid of eye twitching underneath my eye?

Sounds like. Ocular myokymia, which is quite common and self-limited usually and very annoying, but benign. Caused most often by fatigue, eye strain, stress, lack of sleep, exhaustion, nearby infections, such as nasal or sinus, repetitive squinting, maybe blepharospam. May respond to modification of corrective lenses. See your ophthalmologist, if too troublesome. Read more...