What are some treatment options for periodontitis?

Depends. It depends on what stage your periodontitis is diagnosed (mild, moderate or severe) and what kind of osseous defect around the tooth (vertical or horizontal). Scaling/root planing with or without local antibiotic delivery is effective for mild-moderate periodontitis. Osseous surgery or regenerative procedures using bonegraft, membrane or emdogain is effective for moderate-severe periodontitis.
LANAP. Have your dentist take x-rays and periodontal charting. Make sure six measurements are taken of each tooth. If you have periodontitis do a search for lanap. Lanap is an fda cleared laser procedure that reverses gum disease.
Pocket Reduction. Pocket reduction is the goal of periodontal treatment. It can be accomplished by: 1. Scaling and root planing 2. Gingivectomy 3. Conventional pocket reduction surgery 4. Lanap laser periodontal surgery.
Treat the cause. The perio protect method has been shown to kill 99.98% of the bacteria that cause periodontitis. The custom formed trays are used for treatment and then used to prevent redevelopment of the disease. It can be used with lasers, s&rp and all other forms of treatment. Surgery is used in those areas where there is infected cells that don't respond to direct medicine delivery.