Does cyclogest taken during pregnancy increase progesterone?

Cyclo is progesteron. Cyclogest is natural progesterone, so, yes, taken orally or vaginally it can increase Progesterone levels.
Progesterone. Cyclogest is a progesterone, so it would increase Progesterone levels. Progesterone supplementation is sometimes indicated to support a pregnancy. When used in pregnancy, it is generally continued until about 11 to 15 weeks of pregnancy - by that time the placenta will have taken over Progesterone production to maintain the pregnancy.

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Will cyclogest taken during pregnancy, increases progesterone?

Yes. Cyclogest is a vaginal preparation of bio identical progesterone. Used in women who have had previous miscarriages and does not have harmful side effects. Read more...

Did stopping one lupronshot and 4 cyclogest (progesterone) resulted in my chemical pregnancy during 2ww in my icsi cycle?

No. Miscarriages occur due to genetic issues during fertilization not because of something the mother does. On your next round of ivf though I do recommend you follow your doctors advice exactly as directed to increase your chances of success. Read more...

Will taking cyclogest (progesterone) for entire pregnancy cause harm to fetus?

Progesterone does. Not have an fda classification for pregnancy. The vaginal gel is sometimes used in women who have a short cervix to help prevent premature delivery. But, please tell your OB that you are using it, i assume for depression. Read more...