Wisdom teeth pain, what are some ways to alleviate the pain?

A few things. Rinsing mouth with warm saltwater will help ease the pain. Rinse 2-5 times a day; don’t swallow salt water. Oral numbing meds can be applied. Otc pain relievers may help ease the pain. Chewing gum will gently massage the irritated area. These measures may temporarily relieve the pain. However, an oral surgeon should examine the tooth/teeth and decide whether further treatment is necessary.
OTC Pain Meds. If the pain is coming from the tooth trying to erupt, you can try taking any of the otc anti-inflammatory pain meds. If the tooth is impacted, trapping food, or has a cavity, you will need to see a dentist or oral surgeon to have it removed. Feel better soon...
See your dentist. You should see your dentist for evaluation. Until then, in addition to what others have said, some people find that placing ice over the affected area sometimes will help with the pain. The web area between the thumb and index finger is supposed to be an acupressure point for controlling pain. Some people find applying pressure to the area helps relieve pain.
See your dentist. There are many causes of wisdom tooth pain. If tooth is visible, it could be a deep cavity, infecting the nerve (which may require root canal therapy or even tooth removal). There could be a gum infection around tooth, which is common. If tooth is not visible, there could still be problems which an x-ray might reveal. Don't delay - see your dentist for diagnosis and treatment. No home remedy.